GLO Science Teeth Whitening

It’s time to experience the fun side of dental care with GLO Smile teeth whitening! While our priority at Metropolitan Dental Arts is first and foremost the health of the teeth and gums, we recognize our patient’s interest in enhancing the smile appearance as well! In fact, we ourselves find a passion in combining the art and science of dentistry to create smiles that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are healthy. 

If you’re seeking a safe and gentle method to brighten your smile quickly and easily, we invite you to contact our office and ask about GLO Science! Whenever you’re ready, give our Brooklyn, NY office a call!

How Does It Work?

The GLO Science whitening system works by utilizing the science of heat energy combined with a safe bleaching solution. 

  • Patients will simply brush our hydrogen peroxide based gel onto the surfaces of their teeth to begin the process.
  • Once this is complete, the LED light device is inserted into the mouth and placed over the teeth for eight minutes.
  • This can be repeated over the next five days to see teeth lift up to five shades lighter!

What’s more, is that this treatment is offered in-home rather than in-office! Patients will simply visit us to pick up their gel and LED device and receive instructions regarding the use of the device. From there, your smile brightening journey is in your hands!

Why GLO Science Whitening?

GLO Science whitening differs from traditional whitening methods in that it is conducted at home and incorporates LED light energy acceleration, which is typically reserved for in-office procedures. By combining the bleaching gel with a small, handheld illuminator, patients can achieve the same incredible results from the comfort of their home rather than making trips to the dental office. 

In addition, GLO Science formula is proven safe and effective for even the most sensitive smiles. The method causes no damage to the enamel as it penetrates the tooth surface and vaporizes stains and discoloration at rapid rates.

The Benefit of a Brighter Smile

By brightening your smile, you can truly transform your life by enjoying more confidence, enhanced mood, and overall better wellbeing. Teeth whitening leads to many positive effects that can impact your life and mental health. This is by improving your self-esteem, causing you to smile more, and increasing your chances of making great first impressions!

Your Journey To A Brighter Smile

At Metropolitan Dental Arts, we recognize the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile for every patient. Healthier smiles lead to better overall wellness for the teeth, gums, and whole body, while an improved smile appearance leads to a happier patient. 

With a keen awareness of how important smile whitening can be for you, we have made it a point to offer only the best methods in dentistry to achieve the best results. We believe that whitening the smile is YOUR journey, and it should be one that you enjoy. With GLO Science, we are confident that you will enjoy the journey just as much as the outcome. 

Call today if you are ready to whiten your smile with GLO Science!

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