Advanced Technology

At Metropolitan Dental Arts, we want each patient to have the best experience possible. This is why advanced technology is so important to us. By staying up-to-date with the latest technology, our team is able to offer our patients efficient and dependable dental care. We strive to provide exceptional care that helps each Brooklyn, NY patient reach their smile goals a little easier. 

Digital X-Rays & CT Scanner

Our digital x-rays and CT scanner gives our team important information needed concerning your smile. With our CT scanner, our dental team can see 3D images of your smile, allowing them to view your teeth from any angle. This gives our team the ability to accurately plan out any treatment needed. Digital x-rays and the CT scanner are fast and precise. Digital images are available from x-rays to give your dentist the ability to easily store your dental information for future reference. Images can instantly be viewed by you and your dentist so that you can better understand the condition of your smile.  

Intraoral Scanner

An intraoral scanner can see your smile by simply using a small device inside your mouth. This device is a small wand that shows your teeth and gums on a screen for an enlarged view that both you and your dentist can see in real-time. Your dentist can view areas of your mouth for diagnosing treatment and recognizing any areas of concern. The intraoral scanner is fast and painless, offering an easy way for your dentist to examine your oral health. 

Same-Day Crowns & Veneers

Planmeca FIT allows our team to place dental crowns or veneers in just one visit! Same-day crowns and porcelain veneers are both metal-free and tooth-colored so they blend in naturally with your smile. If you need a dental restoration, our advanced technology can give you a restored smile in just one day with our in-house milling machine. With Planmeca FIT, we are able to skip the need for a temporary crown and place a permanent crown by the end of your visit. Crowns and veneers are made with high-quality materials to provide a durable, long-lasting tooth restoration.   

3D Printing

Our office features a state-of-the-art 3D printer so we can create surgical guides in-office for your treatments. This is commonly used for dental implants. We can 3D print a surgical guide that fits uniquely to your mouth without having to wait weeks for dental labs to send us a guide. We use digital images created from intraoral scanners and x-rays to computer-generate designs specifically designed to your mouth. 3D printing technology has made our Metropolitan Dental Arts more efficient and effective in providing solutions to your needs. 

Surgical Guides

When it comes to placing dental implants, ensuring accuracy and safety is our top priority. Surgical guides are used to provide increased accuracy in dental implant placement, meaning your implant is in the right position relative to bone volume and surrounding structures. We can create our surgical guides through in-office 3D printers, which align within your mouth at the ideal area during implant surgery. Now, you can rest assured that your dental implants will be successfully placed without complication!

Night Guards

If you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep, you run the risk of damaging the structure of your teeth. When untreated, grinding and clenching can chip enamel, crack teeth, and lead to severe oral concerns. Night guards are custom-made to fit your unique bite and properly align your jaw while you sleep. Not only will you sleep better, but your teeth won’t be able to grind against each other, protecting them from damage. We create personal night guards through the use of our intraoral cameras and x-rays so that they match your smile uniquely, giving you the best results.

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